Anthony chose to present on prosthetics for a high school final exam project. Because of his timid public speaking skills at the time, he relied on the tangible devices as a mantle for his excitement that he wasn’t able to articulate. Now years later, he is grateful for how prosthetics has rewarded him in experiences with patient care, teaching, mentorship, and innovation with 121 Care. He is very proud of the rising popularity of the field in mainstream media. 121 Care culture is right in the middle of shaping this identity at a very exciting time.


Samer's expertise and involvement ranges from pre-op consultation to final gait training. He always aims to bring someone who suffered an amputation to a functional level as effectively and comfortably as possible. He also handles monthly prosthetic clinics at outside offices and cross training physicians, physical therapists.


Ranjit works closely with the rehabilitation team: CPOs, surgery team, PM&R doctors, and physical therapists, to coordinate patient-care. He helps patients and their caregivers integrate into the amputee community following their amputations. As an amputee himself, he is determined to provide the best possible care and education to amputees as early in the rehabilitation process as possible.


Jon's role to ensure the patient experience and clinical outcomes are as best they can possibly be. Jon is keenly focused on the collaboration of the rehabilitative team to surround the patient (and their family) to create the greatest return of function in the rehabilitative process. As the Chief Clinical Officer of 121 Care, Jon is a huge proponent for implementing tech in practical ways that creates large positive impact.